Basic Watch Repair Services

Standard Battery Replacement

Battery replacement in a standard watch (30m and under).

Water Resistant Battery Replacement

Not Pressure Tested
Back Seal (Gasket) is cleaned, checked and re-siliconed. Can not comment on water resistance without Pressure Test.

Battery plus Pressure Test

Checks water resistance
Why Pressure Test your 50, 100m or 200m Water Resistant Watch?

  • Gaskets deteriorate over time. If you wear your watch in water (shower, swimming, surfing diving etc) it is highly recommended each time you have a battery replaced or watch repaired that you also have a pressure test.
  • When we replace the battery we also check the back seal for any signs of wear, clean it and re-silicone. This forms the back seal.
  • Your watch has other potential leakage points (around the glass, the crown and buttons, even the case itself). Without a pressure test we cannot tell if any of these access points will leak.


Link Adding/Removal

If your watch is too big (or too small) we can resize your watch bands and add/remove links to your desire!

Pin Replacement

Lost a pin? Knocked your wrist too hard and found your watch on the floor? That’s a new pin!
$10.00 ea.

Watch Bands

Bands age over time and eventually lower the visual quality of your watch. Pop in and we can fit your watch with a brand new metal, silicone, leather (and more!) band.
Starts at $14.95

Mechanical Watch Overhaul

Wind-Up and Automatic
Mechanical movements are made of moving parts. For optimum performance, these movements require cleaning and fresh lubrication (ideally every 3-5 years).

Other watch repairs..

Glass, Seals, Dial Repair, Hand Alignment, etc.
More complex repairs for your watch require a quote from our experienced Watchmaker.